The Polish Fistball Association

Fistball - the sport which is the combination of volleyball and tennis on the grass court. This discipline is not popular among Polish fans and observersbbut we are convinced that this is only the question of time when fistball becomes recognizable and finally popular in our country. In German, Austia and Switzerland it is more and more developing sport, that is why we strongly believe in its potential in Poland. In addition to this fact, we have made a decision about creating the first Polish fistball club- The Polish Fistball Association. This new challenge is the initiative of people who are still present in the volleyball world, few  players who have been playing professionally in Polish clubs or even Polish National Team for many years.

The official beginning of Polish Fistball Association was in 2017 however, the attempts to create the first Polish club responsible for spreading the idea of fistball were taken the year before. In 2016 we managed to complete the team and took part in our first professional and prestigious  event European Championship.

We are also the member of INTERNATIONAL FISTBALL ASSOCIATION which has been acting for almost 60 years and gathers 52 countries.

The Polish Fistball Association

The coach

One of the strongest point of our team is the coach Karl Rick. He is professional whose experience will be  invaluable in the process of creating our new team from basis. Moreover, his own achievements in fistball are impressive:

  • 45 performances in Austria National Team
  • 8 Austria Championships
  • 1 World Cup
  • 1 European Championship with Austria Team
  • 1 World Championship with Austria Team
  • 3 wins in Champions League
  • 2 x wins in IFA Cup
  • 7th place – European Championship  (as a coach of Polish National Team)
Michał Paciakowski

Being a coach of Polish Fistball National Team is a real honor. I am glad that this team has trusted me and my experience. I am convinced that if we act together we can create powerfull team able to compete with the best teams in Europe or even world.

KARL RICK, The coach of Polish National Fistball Team

Michał Paciakowski

Participation in European Championship in 2016

       Although, our team is just the beginner we have already got a chance to represent  our country on the big international even such as European Championship, which took place in  Grieskirchen last year. We ended up on the 7th place. We were eliminated in quarter - final by the leader - German team. Last year's experience showed that we are the team with a big potential and the only thing we need more is time spent together on the court.

Read more about European Championship in  Grieskirchen:


Polish Team

Markus Voglmair – team manager
Karl Rick – trener
Players :
Christoph Lechthaler
Michał Peciakowski
Robert Szczerbaniuk
Maciej Madej
Leszek Wróbel
Jakub Madej
Dawid Wasala
Piotr Nawrot
Tomasz Dynkowski



Group matches, group B

Czech Republic - Poland 2:0
Serbia - Poland 2:0
Spain – Poland 2:1

Qualified round

Germany - Poland 3:0
Poland – Czech Republic 1:3

7th place match

Poland - Spain 3:1

As a team we are very glad that we had a chance to check ourselves in Grieskirchen, especially knowing the fact that we played better and better. This year championship can be definitely regarded as a professionally organized event. We experienced here great fun, hospitality of fans and wonderful weather. We did our best here.  Despite the fact, that we knew how hard it might be we put much efford in every single point on the court. It was our first event in fistball.

Robert Szczerbaniuk, The Chairman of The Polish Fistball Assosiation

Michał Paciakowski


Many Polish sport's fans will have a chance to learn more about fistball thanks to The World Games.  This event is organized in Wroclaw. Among the leaders there are many European teams such as: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The great benefit of The World Games is the fact that the first professional fistball court will be created in Poland. It may be the impulse to the development of this discipline in our country.

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