About Fistball

About Fistball

The History of Fistball

Fistball is regarded as a one of the oldest sports discipline in the world - it was born in ancient Rome. The first note about it was seen in 240 but the rules were written in 1555 by Antonius Scaion. Fistball arrived to German in 1870 and players liked the idea so much that they set down all the rules. They are valid up till now and the sport is gainig more and more popularity in Europe and in the whole world.

Game rules

Fistball is a team game which is combination of volleyball and tennis. Two teams with five players in each are present on the grass court. The court is 20X50 metres, divided by 2 metres- high tape and the players use 380 gramms leather ball. What is characteristic of the volleyball players must bounce the ball with the fist however it can touch the ground once as in tennis. Just before next touching, the player must pass the ball either to his/her player or to the opponent. Depending on the level of tournament there are from three to five sets up to 11 points. To win the set the team needs two points dominance or needs to score 15 points.

Official rules in fistball:

Fistball around the world

Fistball is the most popular sport in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In those countries one can find both grass courts and fully equipped professional sports halls. This discipline is also practised in Asia, Africa, Australia and both Americas. What is even more interesting, The Fistball Chamion is found every year in Namibia.

Unfortunatelly, in Poland there are no proffesional courts to fistball. The first one is going to be created due to The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw. It will be located on Pola Marsowe in the Olimpic Park at  Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego 35 avenue.


In Austria, Schwitzerland, Germany, Italy, Brazil or Argentina playing fistball is a beautiful tradition. It's high time to make fistball potential grows in other countries - Leszek Wróbel, Fistball National Team player

- Leszek Wróbel, Fistball National Team player


International Fistball Association (IFA)

The International Fistball Association is the organization created 25 th July 1960, gathering 52 countries. It's headquarter is located in Salsburg. (Austria). Since 1968 World Male Championships have been organized and in 1994 in Buenos Aires the first Female Championships took place. It goes without saying that the German team is the leader in this discipline with their eleven gold medals. Since 1968 up till 1995 they have dominated in all events and also they hit the jackpot during the two last championships.

The official webpage of International Fistball Association: www.ifa-fistball.com


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